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4 Roddinglaw Business Pk, Roddinglaw Rd, Edinburgh, EH12 9DB U.K.
  • Water supply safety plans and resilience testing
  • Assessment of diffuse pollution, pathogens, Cryptosporidium and contaminants into supply chain
  • Aquifer/groundwater and hydrogeology mapping of flow pathways
  • Aquifer protection
  • Distribution network and connectivity mapping
  • Infiltration of contaminants and leakage/exfiltration
  • Desalination intake and discharge assessments
  • Reservoir circulation, short-circuiting, leakage and sedimentation
  • Water treatment plant performance assessment and process optimisation
  • Residence time distribution, effective mixing volume and short-circuiting studies
  • Flow balancing, mixing and sludge separation studies
  • Total performance monitoring and treatment plant audit
  • Membrane filtration integrity testing assessment
  • Water usage reduction, re-use and recycling
  • Water quality monitoring and catchment water quality surveys
  • Time of travel of contaminants for urban pollution and catchment monitoring
  • Diffuse source pollution and river/surface water catchment assessments
  • Impact on fisheries and shellfisheries, spawning areas, coral reefs and EIAs
  • Air quality monitoring of drift particles, pollutants, particulate, pathogens, Legionella and dust
  • Impact and fate assessment of respirable dust, PM10s and PM2s
  • BioTracking and biohazard dispersion, impact and risk studies
  • Environmental legislation and compliance assessments
  • Water framework directive and revised bathing water monitoring
  • Environmental risk assessments
  • Environmental forensics, tracking polluters and pollution
  • Siltation, sedimentation and pollution monitoring in reservoirs, lakes and rivers
  • Slurry runoff from land
  • Assessment of road and drainage runoff, storm storage capacity and environmental impact
  • Saline/freshwater infiltration and exfiltration studies
  • Pollutant load assessment
  • Primary to tertiary plant performance optimisation
  • Total plant performance monitoring of hydraulics, flow, suspended solids, BOD etc. to meet environmental conditions and discharge consent
  • Water usage reduction and improved treatment to increase water re-use and recycling
  • Hydraulic and particulate retention time, short-circuiting and flow balancing studies
  • Effective mixing volume assessment of digesters
  • Solids, contaminant and sludge management
  • Sludge to land tracking, auditing and quality assurance
  • Slurry and contaminant runoff from land and impact assessment
  • Trade effluent load monitoring
  • Leak detection
  • Stormwater/CSO discharge monitoring and impact assessment on receiving waters
  • EcoHydraulics studies to improve treatment and performance of wetlands and reed bed systems
  • Wastewater quality treatment
  • Flow gauging and verification
  • CFD model validation
  • Point source & Diffuse source pollution monitoring
  • Stormwater/CSO discharges of contaminants
  • Plume characterisation, dispersal & receiving water dilution
  • Environmental and water quality impact
  • Assessment of cumulative effect of multiple discharges/sources
  • Bacterial (faecal pollution) tracing
  • Shellfish, bathing water & recreational water quality assessments
  • Desalination intake identification
  • Dispersal & dilution of hypersaline discharges & hypersaline water
  • Impact of solids and sludge discharges on seabed sedimentation & benthic habitat