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Our Work Across The World

Environmental Tracing has over 25 years of global experience working in more than 15 countries for over 200 clients working within the Marine, Energy and Water industry sectors.

We have worked on more than 300 projects and are therefore very experienced in understanding and addressing our clients’ problems by designing appropriate and bespoke monitoring and measurement programmes.

Environmental Tracing can use this very broad skill and knowledge base from a range of different industries, applications and projects to ensure each client receives highquality data, careful analysis and interpretation, solutions and recommendations and a professional and reliable service.

As the leading authority in our field, Environmental Tracing offers clients a novel and more cost-effective approach by exchanging ideas, processes and understanding between sectors.

Past projects are split into geographical areas and/or industry sectors; alternatively please contact us to discuss your requirements, project or problem.
Click on a region to see our projects there or scroll down to look at our projects by sector.




  • HAM DREDGING Water Injection Dredging Trial, BP, Thamesport & Foster Yeoman Jetties, Medway Estuary, England.

  • ASR LTD. & UNIVERSITY OF WAIKATO, HAMILTON, NEW ZEALAND – Sediment Transport Study & Environmental Assessment of Dredging Impact on adjacent beaches, Pine Harbour, Auckland, New Zealand.
  • PORT OF FELIXSTOWE – Roughs Tower Dump Site – Silt Dispersal Study, Felixstowe, England.
  • WATERFORD HARBOUR COMMISSIONERS – Fisheries Impact Assessment of Plough Dredge Bed-Levelling, Waterford Estuary, Ireland.
  • NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF WATER ATMOSPHERIC RESEARCH (NIWA) – Investigation of Sediment Bioturbation versus Resuspension in Shallow Inlets, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.
  • MILFORD HAVEN PORT AUTHORITY – Environmental Assessment and Sediment Dispersal Study of Site F & Site 1 Dredge Spoil Ground, Milford Haven, Wales.
  • PORT LONDON AUTHORITY – JetSed Dredge sediment dispersal study, Holehaven, Thames Estuary, England.
  • SHORELINE MANAGEMENT PARTNERSHIP – Sand transport study, Dee Estuary, on behalf of Port of Mostyn, Wales.
  • IMDC – Dredge Dispersal Assessment Scheldt Estuary, Antwerp, Belgium.
  • BRAODS AUTHORITY – Dredge Monitoring of Water Injection Dredging, River Bure, Norfolk Broads, England.
  • EVANS HAMILTON INC. – Silt Sediment Transport Study to Investigate Fate and Efficiency of Dredging and Characterization of Lateral Dredge Disposal Sites: Atchafalaya Bar Channel, Louisiana, USA.
  • PORT OF ROTTERDAM – Sediment dispersal study to assess the efficiency of an alternative dredging method & sediment transport study in Lowered Disposal Site, North Sea, Netherlands.
  • CARES LIMITED – Dredging consultancy & siltation study, Lagos Harbour Siltation study, Nigeria.
  • VAN OORD DREDGING AND MARINE CONSULTANTS – Water Injection Dredging Tracer study monitoring in the River Lee, Cork, Ireland.
  • PORT HEDLAND PORT AUTHORITY – Dredging Impact tracer Study Monitoring sediment transport of the Spoil Bank and Spoil Ground, Western Australia.
  • PORT OF TOWNVILLE – Long Term Dredge Spoil Disposal Strategies, Dump Site & dredge plume characterisation & Nearshore Sediment Dynamics Assessment in Cleveland Bay, Townsville, Queensland, Australia.
  • IMDC – Sediment transport Tracer study from disposal site through the Bourgneuf and Saint Michel Chef-Chef bay areas in Nantes, St. Nazaire, France.
  • MERSEY DOCK & HARBOUR COMPANY LTD. (PEEL PORT LIVERPOOL) – Beneficial Use Tracer Study, Mid-River Disposal Site, Mersey Estuary, England.
  • EHIRPS &MOFFAT NICHOL – Savannah River Suspended sediment tracer study, Savannah Estuary, Georgia, USA.
  • WATER & AIR (JACKSONVILLE CORPS DISTRICT) – Miami Harbor Deepening Phase III Project, Sediment Transport, Dispersal and Deposition Study, Outer Entrance Channel, Miami Harbor, Florida, USA.


  • BRITISH WATERWAYS – Silt Dredge Dispersal Study on the Upper Severn Estuary and Sheffield and South Yorkshire Navigation & River Don, England.
  • US ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS, L.A DISTRICT & MEC ANALYTICAL – Los Angeles Pilot Capping Study – Contaminated sediment dispersal study, Long Beach Harbour, CA, USA.
  • SCIENCE APPLICATIONS INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION (SAIC) – HARS contaminated sediment disposal site: dispersal study (on behalf of US Army Corps of Engineers, New York District), New York, USA.
  • NEW ENGLAND US ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS & SAIC – Assessment of SuperCAD cell to retain contaminants, Mystic River, Boston Harbour, Massachusetts, USA.
  • SAN FRANCISCO US ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS & SAIC – Environmental assessment of fate of contaminated sediment in Monterey Bay Canyon. Monterey Bay Marine Park, California, USA.
  • UKAEA – Provision of design and costing of Particle Tracing Field Studies to mimic radioactive particles, Dounreay, Scotland.
  • DET NORSKE VERITA (DNV) – Hydraulic leakage detection and contaminated sediment transport pathway of a Contaminated Disposal Facility (CDF), Trondheim, Norway.
  • EVEREST INTERNATIONAL CONSULTANTS, INC. – Los Angeles Regional Dredge Material Management Plan Environmental Tracers Investigation, California, USA.
  • PARSONS – Feasibility study to assess Monitoring Natural Recovery of contaminated sediment, Onondaga Lake, Syracuse, New York, USA.
  • AMEC EARTH & ENVIRONMENTAL INC. – Dominguez Channel and consolidated slip contaminated sediment erosion study, Port of Los Angeles, California, USA.
  • EPA USA R&D – Contaminated sediment dispersal assessment, Ottawa River, Toledo, Ohio, USA.


  • CAMBRIDGE COASTAL RESEARCH UNIT – Inter–tidal Sediment Recharge Experiment, Medway Estuary, Kent, England.
  • MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE, FISHERIES AND FOOD: DIRECTORATE OF FISHERIES RESEARCH & CENTRE FOR ENVIRONMENT FISHERIES AND AQUACULTURE SCIENCE (CEFAS) & UNIVERSITY OF EAST ANGILA – Sand Tracing Study on Licence Extraction Area 107 & Lynn Wash & Beach Sediment Transport, Mablethorpe to Skegness Beach Nourishment, Lincolnshire Coast, England.
  • UNIVERSITY OF WAIKATO, HAMILTON, NEW ZEALAND – Dredged Material Disposal Site Characterisation Study, Port of Taranaki, New Zealand.
  • ABP RESEARCH & CONSULTANCY LTD. – Offshore-Onshore Sediment Exchange Helwick Bank, Gower Peninsula & Sediment Exchange Between the Bristol Channel and the Celtic Sea off St Govan’s Head, Pembrokeshire, Wales.
  • EVANS HAMILTON INC & SAVANNAH US ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS – Investigation of Dredged Sediment Movement and fate of dredged mounds, Brunswick Harbor, Georgia, USA.
  • EVANS HAMILTON INC & NEW ORLEANS US ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS – Sand Transport Study Investigation of Auxiliary Control Structure and Channel, Mississippi River, Louisiana, USA.
  • EVANS HAMILTON INC & PHILADELPHIA US ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS – Beach erosion study, Great Egg Harbour Inlet, New Jersey, USA.
  • EVANS HAMILTON INC & PORTLAND US ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS – Sediment Tracer Study, SWS and SJS Ocean Dredged Material Disposal Site & Benson Beach nourishment study, Mouth of Columbia River, Oregon, USA.
  • NORTH QUEENSLAND BULK PORTS CORPORATION – Sediment Transport Monitoring at Mackay harbour looking at natural longshore sediment transport, Queensland, Australia.
  • GREAT TAREE CITY COUNCIL – Beach erosion and sand transport study, Old Bar, New South Wales, Australia.
  • GRIFFITH CENTRE FOR COASTAL MANAGEMENT, GRIFFITH UNIVERSITY & GCWA – Scientific Research & Management Program Sediment Tracer Study for Seaway Dynamics, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.
  • HASKONING AUSTRALIA PTY. – Swansea Inlet Sand Tracing Study, New South Wales, Australia.
  • ERDC & HERRERA ENVIRONMENTAL CONSULTANTS INC. – Sediment transport study, Coos Bay, Oregon, USA.
  • TAYLOR ENGINEERING LLC. – Fort Pierce Inlet Sand Tracer Study, Fort Pierce, Florida, USA.
  • CDM SMITH – Sand Tracer Study, DA10/Sand Island, Pascagoula Harbor, Pascagoula, Alabama, USA.
  • DELTARES NL – Beneficial Use Sediment Tracing Study, Mud Motor Koehoal, Dutch Wadden Sea, NL.
  • HASKONING AUSTRALIA PTY. – Tweed River Entrance Sand Bypassing Project, Sand Tracing Studies, Tweed River Sand By Pass, New South Wales, Australia.
  • THE WATER INSTITUTE OF GULF & CPRA – Sand diversion study, Bonnet Carre Spillway, Mississippi River, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.
  • UNSW WATER RESEARCH LAB – Lake Illawarra entrance channel sediment transport study, Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia.
  • US ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS JACKSONVILLE – Southeast Florida Sediment Morphodynamics study, Miami-Dade, Port Everglades & Lake Worth Inlet, Florida, USA.


  • HASTINGS DREDGING ASSOCIATION COMPRISING: ARC MARINE CIVIL AND MARINE, EASTCOAST AGGREGATES, SOUTH COAST SHIPPING AND UMD – A Biological and Habitat Assessment of Hastings Shingle Bank: Southern England.  Hastings Shingle Bank – Current Meter Survey.  Hastings Shingle Bank – Particle Tracing Study of Sediment Dispersal from Dredge Spillways, South Coast England.
  • CLYDEPORT OPERATIONS LTD. – 2004 – 2012: Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler Survey, Turbidity monitoring, grab sampling, sediment characterisation for FEPA licence, Clyde Estuary, Scotland.
  • ATKINS DESIGN ENVIRONMENT & ENGINEERING – Lytham Quay Marina Development Project, England.
  • DOVER HARBOUR BOARD – Current velocity survey for new berth, Dover Port, Dover, Kent, England.
  • ARCH HENDERSON CONSULTING ENGINEERS – ADCP, bed sediment characterisation and siltation study for BAe Systems, Clyde Estuary & sediment vibrocoring, Port of Cairnryan, Scotland.
  • WEXFORD COUNTY COUNCIL – Courtown Beach Renourishment Hydrographic, Geophysical and Benthic Surveys, Wexford, Ireland.
  • CROMARTY FIRTH PORT AUTHORITY – All Bathymetric Surveys required by port, 2006-2008, Cromarty Firth, Scotland.
  • SCOTTISH WATER SOLUTIONS – Loch Leven & North Ballachulish bathymetric & geophysical survey, Argyll, Scotland.
  • URS/SCOTT WILSON – Sediment vibrocoring at Westway, White Cart River, Glasgow, Scotland.
  • SOUTHERN GULF SURVEYS – Khalifa Bin Salman & Bahrain LNG Terminal Project: Currents and Waves Data Assessment, Bahrain, Arabian Gulf, UAE.



  • THE ALL ENGLAND LAWN TENNIS GROUP PLC. Leakage testing at AELTCC, Wimbledon, England.

  • ENVIRONMENT AGENCY – Assessment to eradicate non-native crayfish, Long Preston, England.
  • CENTRE FOR RESEARCH INTO ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH (CREH), ENVIRONMENT AGENCY WALES – Assessment to eradicate non-native crayfish, Long Preston, England.
  • ANGLIAN WATER SERVICES LTD. – Removal Efficiency Testing of an Experimental Rig for a Simulated Cryptosporidium ‘Outbreak’, Cambridge, England.
  • WRC (WATER RESEARCH CENTRE) – Pilot Study of Membrane Filtration for Cryptosporidium, Swindon, England.
  • OES CONSULLTING (FOR KERRY FOODS) – Groundwater Testing between Wastewater treatment plant and adjacent riverine system, Listormel, Ireland
  • SOUTH WEST WATER – Tracer Applications – Feasibility Study for Wastewater and Potable Water, England.
  • RPS CONSULTANTS (RPS P, T&E) – Dye connectivity test between Clearwell Quarry and nearby watercourse, Forest of Dean, Wlales
  • PWTAG -Cryptosporidium filtration study to assess efficiency of removal systems for swimming pools, England
  • ALCONTROL LABORATORIES – Assessment of fluorescent tracer particles to label Daphnia for water quality examination and testing, England


  • SOUTH WEST WATER – Asset Monitoring – Tracer Study of Pollutant Sources and Outfall dispersal: Wembury; Plymouth; Falmouth & Perranporth, Devon & Cornwall, England.
  • UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA – Deep Sea Outfall Dispersion Study, Mamala Bay, Hawaii, USA.
  • SYSTEM SCIENCE APPLICATIONS – Effluent Discharge Dispersal Study,Louisiana-Pacific Samoa Pulpmill, California, USA.
  • HALCROW CROUCH &WEST OF SCOTLAND WATER – Coastal Communities WWT Scheme Outfall and Modelling Studies – Group C: Cove/Kilcreggan; Connel; Salen; Tobermory; Ballantrae; Dunure; Eastriggs; and Kirkcudbright, Scotland.
  • ORANGE COUNTRY SANITATION DISTRICT – Initial stage marine outfall survey to assess impact on Huntington Beach, California, USA.
  • MEDIDA HYDROGRAPHIC SERVICES NV – Marine Outfall Dispersion Study, Accra, Ghana.
  • PFIZER LIMITED – Dispersal study to assess long term effects of wastewater discharge into River Stour and Pegwell Bay to support an EA discharge licence application, Sandwich, England.
  • METOC PLC (FOR SCOTTISH WATER) – Coastal Communities – Marine survey supplier for Scottish Water Framework Contract through Ewan Group Plc – outfall studies at Lochgilphea, Adrishaig, Port Charlotte (Islay), Minard, Lochgair, 13 sites on West coast of Scotland.
  • MWH-RPS CONSULTING ENGINEERS – Ballycastle WwTW Scheme – Outfall Assessment, Ballycastle, Northern Ireland.
  • GEMS INTERNATIONAL N.V – Dye Dispersion Study, Bahrain, UAE.
  • HUNTSMAN TIOXIDE – Hydrographic, bathymetry & outfall dispersal study, Seal Sands, Tees Estuary, England.


  • YORKSHIRE WATER – Esholt WwTW Time of Travel, Plant Performance and Sludge Residence Times of Primary and Humus Tanks, Yorkshire, England.
  • BECHTEL WATER TECHNOLOGY LTD. – RTD and Flow Balancing Studies of Submerged Biological Contactor Lanes and Final Settlent Tanks at Fleetwood WwTW, Fleetwood, England.
  • SCOTLAND & NORTHERN IRELAND FORUM FOR ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH (SNIFFER) & SEPA WEST REGION – Supplementary Investigations Into the Failures of Some Ayrshire Bathing Waters to Meet EC Standards – Study to Investigate Water Quality Impact of Diffuse and Direct Sources, Irvine Bay, Ayrshire, Scotland.
  • THAMES WATER – Investigation and assessment of CSO spills into Thames Estuary, London, England.
  • BIWATER TREATMENT LTD. (FOR SOUTHWEST WATER LTD.) – RTD hydraulic studies and Effective Volume Calculation of Anaerobic Sludge Digesters, Plympton, Radford, Liskeard, Nanstallon & Menagwins WwTW, Devon & Cornwall, England.
  • ENVI DAN A/S – Sewer infiltration study & drainage connectivity study, Billund, Denmark.
  • ATKINS WATER (FOR UNITED UTILITIES  LTD.) – Hydraulic and sludge particle RTD study of BAFF cells, Liverpool WwTW, England.
  • WATERCARE SERVICES LTD. – Anaerobic Digester Studies at Mangere WTP, Auckland, New Zealand.
  • DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENT, FISHERIES AND RURAL AFFAIRS (DEFRA) & WESTCOUNTRY RIVERS TRUST – Monitoring of Diffuse Pollution Sources & Water Quality Study, Fal Estuary, Cornwall, England.
  • AN DIGESTION LTD. – Anaerobic Digestion Storage Tank Leakage Study, Holsworthy Biogas Plant, Devon, England.
  • SCOTTISH WATER – Consultancy and modelling to meet EU Revised Bathing Water Quality: 4 sites, Scotland.
  • OES CONSULTING – Hydraulic Residence Time Distribution Study, Digester, Kerry Foods, Listormel, Ireland.


  • CHANNEL FOODS LTD. – Litigation Case: Hicks v Channel Foods, Expert Witness, Truro, Cornwall, England.
  • ENVIROMENT FINLAND – Lake Sediment Resuspension Study to Investigate Water Quality and Pollutant Residence Time, Finland.
  • ENVIRONMENT AGENCY – SOUTH WEST REGION/W S ATKINS AND THAMES REGION – Time of Travel Studies – Rivers: Allen, Axe, Bristol Avon, Cober, Dart, Hampshire Avon, Moors, Stour, Tamar, Taw, Tavy, Tone, Wylye, Yeo and tributaries and Colne, Lee, Lower Thames, Upper Thames, Ray and tributaries, England.

    UPM Time of Travel Studies – Rivers Croal, Irwell, Irk, Altrincham, Roch, Knowsley, Widnes, Hoylake, Ditton Brook, Tane, Yarrow & Huyton, Greater Manchester/Wirral, England.

  • INTEGRATED HYDRO SYSTEMS / YORKSHIRE WATER / MONTGOMERY WATSON – UPM Time of Travel Studies – Rivers Aire, Calder and Colne and tributaries, Yorkshire, England.
  • UNIVERSITY OF SYDNEY – Pollutants/Larval Dispersal Study, One Tree Island, Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, Australia.
  • IRH (FRANCE) – Drift Eliminator Trials – Legionella dispersal from cooling towers, France.
  • INSTITUTE OF GRASSLAND AND ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH (IGER) – DEFRA funded, slurry tracing on fields to assess agricultural run-off and effects on water quality, Denbrook, Okehampton, Devon, England.
  • AUCKLAND CITY COUNCIL – Tracer Study Waiheke Island Catchment Studies, Auckland, New Zealand.
  • CORNISH CALCIFIED SEAWEED COMPANY – A Marine Survey and Environmental Assessment of the Proposed Dredging of Dead Mearl within Falmouth Bay, Cornwall, England.



  • ORKNEY WATER TEST CENTRE Oily Water Skimmer Vessel Optimisation – Tracer Studies, Orkney, Scotland.
  • ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION DEPARTMENT, FISHERIES RESEARCH SERVICES, MARINE LABORATORY ABERDEEN – Contaminated Drill Cuttings Dispersal Study, Beatrice Platform, Moray Firth, North Sea, Scotland.
  • CORDAH LIMITED (PHILLIPS PETROLEUM) – Environmental Monitoring of Maureen Platform, North Sea, Scotland.
  • CEFAS (PB) – UKOOA JIP Monitoring of drill cuttings, dredging, NW Hutton, North Sea, Scotland.


  • RWE INNOGY PLC. – Water level and flow gauging, Hydro-electrci scheme, Invervar, Glen Lyon, Scotland.
  • RWE NPOWER – Flow gauging and water level recording, Glen Lyon, Scotland.
  • RWE NPOWER – Douglas Water – ToT and Dilution Gauging, Scotland.
  • COMPOSITE ENERGY LTD. – Outfall Characterisation, Airth, River Forth, Scotland.
  • COMPOSITE ENERGY LTD. – Further outfall characterisation studes, Airth, River Forth, Scotland.
  • DART ENERGY LTD. – Consultancy & outfall work as expert witness, Firth of Forth, Scotland.


  • SOUTH WEST WATER – Residence Time of Mine Adit System for T90 Tests of St Day WwTW Effluent into Carnon River, Cornwall, England.
  • UNIVERSITY OF NEUCHATEL, SWITZERLAND – Groundwater Pathway Identification of Karstic Limestone, Jura Mountains, Switzerland.


  • RJB DEEP MINES LTD. – Coastal Protection Assessment – Minestone Disposal and Dispersal Study, Lynemouth Bay, Northumberland, England.
  • CORUS RESEARCH, DEVELOPMENT & TECHNOLOGY – Particle tracing of PM10s at Scunthopre Steel Works, Scunthorpe, Yorkshire, England.
  • QUEENSLAND NICKEL PTY LTD. – Storm Water Dilution and Dispersion Assessment through wetlands & swale & dune system, Yabulu, Queensland, Australia.
  • TATA STEEL – Source apportionment of particulate emissions from steel manufacturing sites, Scunthorpe, Yorkshire, England.
  • BHP BILLITON IRON ORE PTY LTD. – Asset Development Projects: Outer Harbour Project, Port Hedland: Dredging sediment settling, resuspension and fate study. Monitoring the Settling, resuspension and fate of sediment associated with capital dredging works, Outer Harbour, Port Hedland, Western Australia.
  • NTNU (NORWEGIAN UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY) – JPIO Oceans Mining Impact 2 study, Mining Impact. Environmental Impacts and Risks of Deep-Sea Mining, Clarion-Clipperton Zone, Pacific Ocean.