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4 Roddinglaw Business Pk, Roddinglaw Rd, Edinburgh, EH12 9DB U.K.
Energy & Industrial
  • Offshore wind, wave and tidal energy assessments
  • Identify primary flowpaths into mines for flow diversion to reduce pumping and treatment
  • Erosion, dispersal and fate of contaminants and sediment from mining areas & tailings ponds/waste sites
  • Inter-well connectivity studies for drilling and fracking operations
  • Connectivity assessments between drilling/fracking, CSG and UCG operations & aquifers, groundwater, surface waters and private water supplies
  • Evaluation of pre-flush, post-flush operations, frack clean-up efficiency and flow-back assessments, proppant injection and ‘push and pull’ tests
  • Environmental risk assessment, evaluation, integrity and management of aquifers
  • Use of mine or groundwater system for recharge, treatment or storage of contaminated/hypersaline water
  • Mine sludge and mine tailings monitoring
  • Dust and air quality monitoring
  • Deep-sea mining and environmental impact of sediment plumes
  • Discharge and dispersal assessment of produced water
  • Fate, deposition and impact assessment of drilling muds and cuttings
  • Seabed erosion, deposition and sedimentation studies around platforms, structures and pipelines
  • Environmental impact, risk and residual liability assessments
  • Contaminated sediment dispersal during decommissioning
  • Leak detection and oil spill dispersal
  • Oil spill contingency planning
  • Process optimisation for treatment of wastewater, separation of oil from water and water recycling
  • Erosion/sedimentation around assets, seabed stability, seabed characterisation