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4 Roddinglaw Business Pk, Roddinglaw Rd, Edinburgh, EH12 9DB U.K.
About Us
World LeaderS in Tracing

We are an innovative independent environmental engineering company.

Our experience focuses on Monitoring Hydrodynamics, Sediment & Pollutant Dynamics and Processes & Ecohydraulics.

Bringing our Best
  • Consistently high quality data acquisition.
  • Thorough interpretation and understanding of the site, process or environment.
  • Robust answers, solutions and recommendations for our clients.
Since 1992

With over 25 years of global experience, working in more than 15 countries for over 200 clients on over 300 multidisciplinary projects, Environmental Tracing is known worldwide as the leading authority in our field. 


Environmental Tracing is an innovative independent environmental engineering company offering a broad base of expertise and providing specialist field services, project management and consultancy across a very wide range of Marine, Energy and Water industry sectors. We have a strong global track record and presence through our international business and technology partners underpinned by own unique products, technology and capability.

Environmental Tracing has a significant customer base including blue chip clients and international government agencies, many of whom require our skills and services to provide solutions in an uncertain world. Current problems facing many of our clients include:

  • Increasingly stringent national and global environmental legislation
  • Changing and more intense weather patterns
  • Effects of sea-level rise and storm impact
  • Increased media pressure over environmental issues
  • Forecasting risk and impact to assets
  • Reducing residual liability or risk of prosecution

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If you need help to address a particular problem or to design a monitoring programme, Environmental Tracing offers a bespoke service ensuring clients receive high-quality data, careful analysis and interpretation, solutions and recommendations and a professional and reliable service.

For some projects, understanding the system, environment or process is essential. This can include determining if there is an actual pathway between two points and/or identifying the source or fate of material. For these studies, Environmental Tracing will recommend carrying out tracing, including fluids, hydrodynamics, pollutants, solids or sediment particle dynamics. We provide a comprehensive tracing service in the Marine, Energy and Industrial and Water industry sectors worldwide.

Environmental Tracing has a proven track record in:

  • Monitoring many different operations and processes simultaneously
  • Labelling and tracing multiple sediment sources, pollutants and discharges
  • Understanding hydrodynamics, sediment particle dynamics and complementary synoptic data
  • Providing data to accurately and reliably calibrate and validate numerical models

Dr. Jon Marsh is the founder and developer of Environmental Tracing. An Oceanography and Geology graduate with a PhD in fine suspended sediment and pollutant tracing, Jon considered a life of research but realised his passion and skill extended far beyond minutiae and post-doc research. Marine, water and environmental engineering fields offered much greater interest.

Jon quickly discovered that his technical specialism combined with his dynamic, passionate, lateral-thinking and solution-driven approach was in high demand and his business flourished. Jon soon became an internationally recognised independent scientist renowned for finding innovative, sustainable and cost-effective solutions and providing strategic ‘big picture’ and technical guidance.

Starting out in sleepy Cornwall (U.K.), Jon could never have imagined that he and Environmental Tracing would work for some of the biggest ports, oil, gas and mining companies and government agencies on almost every continent and in every ocean in the world.


We are acknowledged as world leaders in tracing technology.

Environmental Tracing offers a unique particle tracing capability using its very own environmentally inert fluorescent tracer particles known as EcoTrace® particles. Multiple colours can be released and tracked simultaneously to identify different sources, processes or pathways very cost-effectively and enabling results to be directly compared during the same metocean or environmental conditions.

EcoTrace® particles can be adjusted to mimic the physical properties of the target particle, pollutant, droplet or pathogen in terms of size, density and surface charge. They are fluorescent throughout, highly detectable allowing monitoring over very large areas (>100km2) and long durations (months or years) and very small quantities can be used for most studies. We have carried out over 150 EcoTrace® particle studies throughout the world, far more than any other company across the globe.

In addition to particle tracing, we offer other tracers and tracer technology that can be run concurrently with particle tracing. These additional methods include Dye Tracing, Conservative Tracers, Bacteriological Tracers, Bacteriophage and Bacteriological Spores, GeoTrace® particles.

SOME OF Our Clients

Environmental Tracing is always seeking international partners, particularly for both technology validation and business development in the areas of Contaminated Sediment, Fracking, Atmospheric and Potable Water. As a principal licensee for industrial/environmental sectors, we welcome links with companies, research institutes or individuals.

The areas we are currently interested in licensing include Sediment Transport and Dredging (Marine, River, Canal, Reservoirs, Lakes), Diffuse and Direct Discharges (Rivers, Lakes, Coastal, Industrial), Dispersion/Deposition of Sewage Solids (Rivers, Coastal) and Process Plant Appraisal (Industrial and Municipal Waste).